Ca-K & CaH

 My images of the Sun in Ca-K light are collected here below. For them I use a Baader K-line filter.

 Active region 12585 imaged through a 130 mm solar newtonian and Baader Ca-K filter. Chameleon mono CCD.

Active region 12585 close to the west limb imaged through my 130 mm solar newtonian,Baader Ca-K filter and Chameleon mono CCD.

Disco solare con filtro Ca-K Baader Planetarium ripreso il 22 aprile 2017.

Ca-K image of the Sun taken on April 22nd, 2017.

April 30th, 2017

April 30th, 2017


 sun20170528_K_AR12659 sun20170528_K_AR12659_2250 sun20170531_FD_CaK sun20170601_FD_CaK_tx sun20170602_FD_CaK_bis sun20170607_CaH sun20170609_CaH_dett1 sun20170609_CaH_dett2 sun20170612_CaH1 sun20170612_CaH2 sun20170612_gran_K_text sun20170617_CaH1 sun20170617_CaH2 sun20170617_FD_CaH sun20170617_FD_CaH_small sun20170620_AR12662_K sun20170620_FD_CaH sun20170624_FD_CaH


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